The Hodder and Thirlmere Aqueduct Access Gates
Compiled & Researched by the Nutters Mobile Surveillance Unit

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The Gate Spotters Mission - (H.Q.) SD560368
News :
Workmans Hut Found  
Reservoir Safety Legislation

Tracking the course of the Hodder and Thirlmere Aqueducts by marking the position of visible access gates and coverpoints. In short a totally unproductive and meaningless exercise. However it does provide some interesting cycle & walking routes through beautiful countyside.

The fact that the Thirlmere Aqueduct was completed in 1894 and still in use today largely unaltered, is a testimony to the foresite and technical ingenuity of our Victorian ancestors.The pride and care taken in its construction is evident as one visits the numerous bridges, viaducts and wells that faciclitate the waters transportation to Heaton Park reservoir in Manchester.

Gate spotting requires constant awareness as they can pop up in in unexpected places. Indeed it is possible that a few gates have been missed, being situated in overgrown hedgerows, or positioned in fields some distance from a road. Hence a passing surveillance unit may be pardoned for overlooking the odd one.

There are other reasons not so excusable like loss of concentration, seeing a pub, seeing a female cyclist, or simply forgetting why you had set out in the first place .

It has also been noted that certain gates do not appear in their expected positions, this is a worrying phenomenon.They have either been moved from their original position, or placed incorrectly. This has led to some speculation that the gates have been hijacked for some other purpose unknown to man.Not until these anomalies are investigated will there be any hope of a rational explanation. This matter is the subject of future resesarch.

So if you are sat at home thinking it would be nice to go somewhere different, but cant think of anywhere to go, then go gate spotting. Follow in the footsteps of our Victorian ancestors & download all the gate waypoints, or walk the Thirlmere Way. You are welcome to check out our findings. If someone should ask what you are doing it may be best not to tell them everything as you may be looked upon as an anorak or worse.

We also welcome being advised of new gate spottings

Happy Gate Spotting !

Please note that much of the information about how these aqueducts came to be constructed comes from books now out of print. You can see the bibliography link in the left nav bar. Key facts & Construction info & History of water supply to Manchester regarding the Thirlmere Aqueduct can be viewed in a summarised format by clicking the links above