The Hodder and Thirlmere Aqueduct Access Gates
Compiled & Researched by the Nutters Mobile Surveillance Unit

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Main Types of Aqueduct Gates
Thirlmere Aqueduct : Most Numerous Type is Black flat row of prongs - stone stoops

Grid ref : SD524952
Standard Gate
Grid ref : SD 43849 99855 approx
Unusual Gate type with bow, 4 in a row Grassgarth, Cumbria
Grid Ref : NY 33790 09496
Unusual Gate type at Tonguegill, gate on bridge near Grassmere

Ref SD 53709 64425 (Caton)
Unusual Thirlmere gate with Metal Stoops
Grid Ref : SD 524952
This larger ornate farm gate is seldom used.Only two seen so far
NY 34495 08492
On bridge near Michaels Fold,just north of Rydal
Metal Stoops eith cylidrical tops
Round Top Gate Staves
Pointed Top Gate Staves

Hodder Aqueduct : Green flat row of prongs - stone stoops

Grid ref : SD 61478 39979
n the Longridge Chipping Road - Parlick Pike in the background

Associated with covers dated 1925
Hodder Aqueduct : Green peak shape prongs - concrete stoops

Grid ref :SD 62458 41074
Taken on the Longridge Chipping Road - Parlick Pike in the background

Associated with covers dated 1934

Hodder Aqueduct branch : Galvanised unpainted - concrete stoops TBA

Haweswater Aqueduct : Black flat row of prongs - concrete stoops
It appears thar concrete stiles are sometimes used instead of gates,This one just North of Kendal.There was no other access to the field in which it was located other than via a gate.

Shap Pipeline : Wooden constucted gate and stoops (awaiting verification)
Grid Ref : SD 53595 98350
Wooden Gate
Note that the Shap aqueduct is a pumped supply and the others are gravity supplied
Unverified - Located in the Abbeystead area
Similar ones seen with LVWB sign on, could be Lune Valley Water Board

Grassmere (Cumbria) Local Supply

Grid Ref : NY 34040 09831
This gate was located round a settling / inlet tank
same style as a standard thirlmere gate but taller