The Hodder and Thirlmere Aqueduct Access Gates
Compiled & Researched by the Nutters Mobile Surveillance Unit

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Siting Pillars (see also Thirlmere Pillars)

Tarn Crag near Buckbarrow - Longsleddale

Yes this was something of a challenge to find in winter conditions on the top of Tarn Crag Lonsleddale valley ( Lake District )

Siting posts were used for surveying purposes during the construction of the Haweswater Aqueduct

Further research is needed to learn exactly how they were used and how many were constructed

There also some siting posts S.E. of Ambleside which I believe to be part of the Thirlmere Aqueduct - still to be investigated
NY 39979 02290
NY 38779 03041
NY 38669 03211

Gri ref : NY 48775 07825

Artle Crag
Probably the most remote pillar overlooking Haweswater close to Gatescarth Pass - access from Mardale or the Longsleddale valley

Pillar From Afar

Some metal plates found at the
bottom of the pillar

NY 48380 10280

Great Howe Longsleddale

Interesting how the construction varies from the two above (looks like concrete)- does this mean it was built at a different time,and therefore a different survey

Grid ref NY 49008 06423