The Hodder and Thirlmere Aqueduct Access Gates
Compiled & Researched by the Nutters Mobile Surveillance Unit
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Books And Papers on The Subject
The Thirlmere Way by Tim Capelli -
Publisher : Sigma Leisure - ISBN :1-85058-288-2
History & Description of the Thirlmere Water Scheme by J.J. Harwood
Publisher Henry Blacklock & Co Manchester - Date : 1895

This book is available from us in pdf format after much effort in recreating it
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Thirlmere to Manchester by J.Wilson
George Middleton, Manchester, 1894

Thirlmere Water Scheme of the Manchester Corporation and...remarks on Water Supply generally. MANSERGH, J. 1878

Manchester Corportation Theatre Royal. King Cross: or, Harlequin Town Clerk Irwell and the Thirlmere Lake. By an ``Oddfellow''. London: -,
MANCHESTER Water Supply 1878

Manchester City Council. The Thirlmere Water Supply Scheme.
London: -,KING, -. and CURTIS, -.1878

Thirlmere Water Scheme. Remarks on the evidence given before the Select Commit ee of the House of Commons. By Credat Judaeus.

Manchester and Thirlmere Water Scheme. Statement of the case of the... Associa tion. 9th edition. THIRLMERE DEFENCE ASSOCIATION.

Is Thirlmere the only source of supply for Manchester ? Windermere: -,

Manchester Corporation waterworks, Thirlmere acqueduct. 3rd line of pipes, bridge over the CL railway near Manchester Road. Plan, longitudinal section manchester Corporation Waterworks


North West Water Authority, Eastern Division.
1814-1972 (24 shelves)
(Records of predecessor bodies)
Manchester and Salford Waterworks Co.
Records including Directors minutes, 1836-1843 (1 volume) and revenue ledger, 1814-1815.

Manchester Corporation Waterworks.

Records including committee minutes, 1848-1966 (103 volumes); minutes of special sub-committees, 1928-1949; committee and sub-committees attendance book, 1880-1891; committee resolutions and instructions, 1894-1947; Thirlmere sub-committee papers, 1878-1908, including petitions against bill and report of owners and ratepayers meeting, 1878 and specifications etc. for pipe-line, 1908; minutes and instruction book of sub-committee for supply of water and proposed new works, 1868-1879 (2 volumes); hydraulic power sub-committee minutes, 1890-1894 (1 volume); Haweswater works and estate executive sub-committee minutes, 1925-1930 (1 volume); agreements for supply of water, 1872-1873 (1 volume); committee resolutions, 1888-1921 (4 volumes); sealing order books, 1910-1929 (2 volumes); newspaper cuttings scrapbooks, 1914-1972 (7 volumes); minutes of evidence given before Parliamentary select committee on Manchester Corporation Waterworks Bills (2 volumes), with related papers, 1879-1919; agreements for hydraulic power supply, 1895-1972 (approximately 4 boxes); agreements for the use of keys for street valves, 1894-1955 (6 volumes); records of premises supplied, 1894-1972 (5 volumes); summary of machines working from hydraulic mains, 19th century-1968; inspectors reports on consumers machinery, 1894-1925 (5 volumes); test certificates and applications for inspection 1894-1959 (5 volumes, 1 file and 1 bundle); well water records, 1909-1933 (2 volumes); night output records, 1928-1944 (2 volumes); change of tenancy books, 1895-1937; records relating to machinery and fittings connected and removed, 1925-1972 and service pipes,1894-1943; Mechanical and Engineering Section committee resolutions and instructions, 1931-1956 (3 files); information for distribution sub-committee, 1955-1967 (1 bundle); committee reports, 1967-1972 (1 file); specifications etc., 1892-1927 and no date (3 boxes); pumping station log records, 1964-1972 (4 files); hydraulic power supply pamphlets, 1896-1948; printed material relating to the waterworks, comprising history and description, 1884 and official and government reports, 1962-1971 (10 items).