The Hodder and Thirlmere Aqueduct Access Gates
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Northern office wins contract for H2O treatment


The Northern Regional Office has been awarded the £23m Lostock and Rivington WTW for United Utilities just 2 weeks after winning the £220m AMP 3 Contract.

Costain has retained Haswell as designers and Ondéo Degrémont as Process Contractors.

The purpose of the project is to provide an effective barrier against Cryptosporidium for water from different sources via the Thirlmere Aqueduct prior to supply into the Manchester Ring Main (MRM) at Lostock.

The treated water will also be used to supplement Rivington WTW for supplies to the Wigan and Prescot supply areas via a new pipeline constructed under a separate contract.

The Contract comprises the design and construction of a direct filtration plant, including chemical handling, chlorine contact tank and washwater treatment plant, new 35 Ml capacity treated water reservoir and associated pumping stations at Lostock and new washwater clarifiers and a new pumping station at Rivington.

Large diameter connections to the existing pipelines and reservoir and links to other works control systems are included.

Costain takes possession of the site in spring 2002 and the duration is 104 weeks from the award date.

Regional Director, Chris Tyerman, says: “It’s always gratifying to secure a contract you have tracked from beginning to end.

“It shows how the Northern team is working together to secure good quality work, turnover and clients.

“This award is a credit to all the staff for their hard work and dedication from Marketing through to Commercial, Estimating and Bid Management.

“In addition we must not forget the time and effort put in by others from outside the area. My personal thanks to all.

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