The Hodder and Thirlmere Aqueduct Access Gates
Compiled & Researched by the Nutters Mobile Surveillance Unit
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To the Chairman and
the members of the waterworks Committee

of the Manchester Corporation, the Engineers,
Builders, and Workmen, on the occasion of the
Opening of the Thirlmere Waterworks,
Friday 12th October, 1894.

To tbe Promoters and Builders of the
Thirlmere Waterworks

ROME sets the seal of her imperial power
   To this your bold endeavour, wherefore well
   From grey Helvellyn and dark Armboth Fell
The cup of Thorold brims, and with its dower
Of winter snow, spring- rain, and summer shower
   Pours forth for old Mancunium ; they who dwell
   In yonder merchant city feel the spell
To-day of Rome's imperishable hour.

But neither pagan skill, nor Caesar's pride
   Have dared unlock the deep-hewn rocky door
      To send by hill and dale the healthful flood ;
The hands that flung the mountain gateway wide
   Are Christ's own pity for His helpless poor,
      And God's desire to bless the brotherhood.

To The Workman
Those who live, and those who bled - wbo brought the
Thirlmere Water to Manchester.

WHEN loud with exultation up there sprung
   The vigorous fountain in our city square,
   And the long-prisoned waters fresh and fair
Leapt forth with life and cool for every tongue,
Men heard such angel music as is sung
   By rains that blanch Helvellyn's tawny hair,
   By streams that thunder through the Briton's lair
When Thorold's mere with cloud is overhung.

But mid the music of the mountain side-
   Far bleat, and raven's call, and phantom horn,
      Of Viking chief upon his ancient hill,-
      I caught the monotone of pick and drill;
   A clear voice cried, " We toiled and joy is born,
The many live, the few unknown have died !"

Thirlmere : Loss and Gain

FAREWELL ! the dear irrevocable shore!
   Dark firs, and blue-bell copse, and shallowing bight !
   Stern Raven Crag - is cheated of its height,
Gone is the bridge the Roman crossed of yore;
The stately wain with Benjamin before,
   The pack-horse string, now fade from fancy's sight,
   The " Rock of Names " has lost its guardian right-
Where poets met for tryst, they meet no more !

Yet have we compensations for the wound-
   The wound too deep for any time to heal-
      Clear on the mounded water's ampler breast
      Helvellyn stands more gloriously contest,
And Peace secure can walk the mountain ground
   Love consecrates to serve the common weal.